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If you follow online networking and style shows you'll notice five patterns emerging for mid-2019 in fine jewelry. It appears that the moderate jewelry direction has switched and big and bold will overwhelm. Shading, size, and quantity are vital in following 2019 trends.



Colored Gems


A mixture of colored gems seems to be in trend this year. Combining different sizing of gemstones along with complementary colors is a great means to accessorize 2019. Accompany your gemstone with a larger metal set or chain and you’ll flow right along next year.



Layers of Jewelry


Hearkening back to the '80s and '90s, layered chains and lengths of chains was noticed widely at fashion shows last year. Long skinnier chains combined with bulkier chains along with gemstones are a great way to highlight your style and fashion. For added flair stack up on the bangles. You’ll desire to invest in some large earrings to go along with your chunky chains.



Big Earrings


To go with the rising pattern of chunkier chains and layering is big earrings. Extensive circles and earrings that dangle. Quills, leaves and unique pictures will rule. Take a gander at joining a loop with a decent measured cross or circle. Again the pattern of greater is better isn't only for chains. Add some dangling colors to your earrings will show you the way to fashion predominance.



Circles and Spheres


As the trend of huge hoops has continued into next 2019 so will the affinity for circles. Not just hoops, but solid circles and different types of fashion stones in the shape of spheres.  Pearls continue to be a dominant natural precious gem along with tear-drop multicolored gemstones.





Chokers returned into style a couple of years back. For 2019 chokers keep on being an enormous design pattern, presently anyway you get bigger chokers when contrasted with daintier progressively exquisite. Vast chain and thick material chokers were frequently observed at spring and fall style occasions. Furthermore, as we've seen for 2019 greater and bolder is better, you'll see that trend continue into chokers and choker accessories.