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Indeed, even the best quality gems require unique consideration to keep it looking incredible. Regardless of whether you own generally outfit costume pieces or having an extensive fine jewelry wardrobe, realizing how to think about your fortunes is fundamental. From appropriate capacity to delicate cleaning, taking good care of your jewelry can help you get the most out of your collection.


1. Put Your Jewelry on Last


It's enticing to put your jewels on as you get wearing the morning or get ready for a night out. In any case, it's smarter to hold up until you're totally prepared before wearing your jewels. Regardless of whether you're wearing precious stones or rhinestones, chemicals from make-up, hair items, and fragrance can harm your pieces. It's better to put your jewelry on last.



2. Don't Wear Lotion With Jewelry


Although occasional exposure to hand and body lotion won't damage most fine jewelry, it can destroy the finish on costume pieces. In addition, the build-up of lotion products can lead to more frequent cleaning of your valuable items. It's best to put lotion on your hands or body after you've taken your jewelry off at night.



3. Store Your Pieces Separately


Regardless of how careful you are when wearing your jewelry, it can likewise support harm amid storage. Regularly, this originates from pieces thumping together or getting tangled. Especially defenseless materials incorporate pearls, wood, plastic, valuable metals, and a few gemstones. The most ideal approach to take care of this issue is to store your things so they can't contact each other.



4. Check Your Pieces Regularly


As you wear and store your jewelry, it's easy for pieces to get dirty and damaged. Before you put on a pair of earrings or a necklace, take a good look at the item. Then you can identify those pieces that need cleaning.