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You don't need to depend on someone’s help to ace a jewelry gift. You've quite recently become more acquainted with what to concentrate on, what to evade, and in particular, what you like. To make the procedure somewhat simpler, and to return the amusing to purchasing trinkets, here are a few pointers. Remember them at whatever point you're buying jewelry either for you or your loved one.



Don't Get Discouraged by Your Budget


Fine jewelry is not as expensive as you might think – you can get something nice for less under $100. So don’t think it’s out of your league. Stick to silver if you need to reign it in, or if you simply haven’t been dating for that long. If you want something more luxe, go with gold that's at least 14K – or move up to 18K, which uses a higher percentage of gold in the alloy, if you've got a bigger budget.



Do Pay Attention to Color


This is a simple one to get right: you should simply look at what color jewelry you or your loved one wears. If you wear yellow gold, at that point, this isn't an ideal opportunity to go out on a limb and get white gold. Ladies can be very explicit with their preferences (or dislikes) for specific colors – a similar way you may lean toward your EDC rigging to be all dark, for instance.



Do Steal Her Style


Women’s fashion senses usually translate into their taste in jewelry. If your girl dresses in the latest trends and is a big fan of forward-thinking brands, go for something bold, like an ear cuff or a large statement piece. If she has a more classic or understated style, stick to something simpler.



Don't Get Anything That's Final Sale


Toward the day's end, regardless of this fantastic guidance, you may very well have misunderstood the piece, or she may favor something other than what's expected. No major ordeal – just dependably ensure you can return or exchange your item. It's great insurance to have, in the event that something goes wrong.